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Tarot Card Readings

The use of tarot cards as a tool of divination began in and around the mid 18th century. Today, they are a widely accepted form, not of fortune telling, but of personal advice and guidance for the soul. A reading is

Reiki Healing

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui, Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating a sense of relaxation and feelings


Smudging is the act of burning sage (often mixed with other herbs and resins) in order to cleanse a person, home or space of any negative energies and to restore natural balance and promote harmony. The act of smudging can

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Why Spiritual Healing?

Our life stressors affect our spiritual body whose effects are manifested in our physical body. We usually treat our physical pains but do not pay attention to the real cause. If our body is surrounded with a healthy environment, we remain healthy and vice versa. Similarly if we surround ourselves with negative energy, we soon find ourselves in disturbing situations. In order to deal with such situation, it is essential that we surround ourselves with positives.

It has been proven that meditation helps in coping with stressful situations of life. When a person is stressed out, the body releases hormones that are harmful for health. So meditation helps in calming one’s mind thus stopping the release of harmful hormones. It also improves one’s immune system thus making a person healthier.

Spiritual healing also helps in revitalize one’s self from bad habits. It has been used for helping drug addicts. Due to its immense benefits and success rates, its use has increased over time.

What My Clients Say

Just want to say thank you SO much to Carol A Throop Spiritual-Coach!!! My reading was on point and Carol knows her stuff and very intune with vibrations of this world. And to top it of shes seriously the SWEETEST. I highly recommend people who have shown interest book some time with her.

Stephanie Jack

I am going to share something because I absolutely felt better afterward. If you haven't heard of an ionic cleanse or if you have and are curious about it GET ONE!!! Carol A Throop Spiritual-Coach and I spent a few hours catching up and talking about our lives. I had my first of 6 Ionic Cleanse treatments yesterday! I have hip, leg and feet issues, kidney, bowel, asthma and allergies. The water was disgusting but I was amazed at the different toxins that came out as different colours that I saw in the water!!! I couldn't keep myself from looking. Afterwards the pain was so much less especially in my right foot I was actually relieved!!! Please please look it up and message my Beautiful, Intelligent Amazing friend who has taught me so much and I just love her !!! You absolutely will too!!! Thank you so very much Carol!!! Hugs!!!

Megan Fitzpatrick, Ottawa

“I really enjoyed my reading from Carol. I felt like I got confirmation (that) I am on the right path in the journey I have set for myself...”

Rene Routhier, Ottawa